Author's Guide

1. Contributions are limited to members of the Korean Society of Mathematical Education in principle.

2. All submissions are accepted at any time and blind peer-reviewed by more than 3 independent,
   anonymous expert referees. In reviewing the thesis, authors’ informations such as names and affiliations
   are deleted for the sake of fairness.

3. Adoption of manuscripts and order of publishing are subject to the editorial committee’s decision.

4. Submit your article with Research Ethics Checklist through online submission system.

5. When authors’ names are listed in the article, write the main author first.

6. You should download the Edit Form and Sample of the article of series A from the homepage and write
    the paper in accordance with this form.

7.There are page-charges associated with articles appearing in the journal.
   The charges are 100,000₩(or 100$) for  the first 6 pages or less and 10,000₩(or 10$) for each additional
   page. However, in the case of research papers that receive a grant, the publishing fee must be doubled.

8. For the publication of a paper in this journal, the authors should fill out a Copyright Transfer Agreement
    that transfers all rights, interests, copyright and digital copyright to the Korea Society of Mathematical
    Education (KSME).

9. In accordance with the amendment of the Guidelines for Securing Research Ethics, “Position” of all
    authors has been added as a mandatory item when publishing a submitted paper. If you have no any
    affiliation now, you are recommended to write your last affiliation, title, and school (affiliation) year. Example : Author’s name (**University, Professor)
Author’s name (** University, Graduate student)
Author’s name (** High School, Teacher)
Author’s name (** High School Student, Grade 11)